Design is not just about what something looks like. Design is an activity and a process in order to identify the core problem and then reveal the best solution, not just the easiest.

Our process is based upon a sustained period of client engagement, asking questions, listening and challenging the brief to identify the core problems. It also involves a period of intensive research and information gathering to place the design team in a strong position of knowledge in preparation for the design process.

We then assess all the options available within the constraints of the brief and narrow in on the preferred solution. By preparing a broad range of options, it allows us to explore possibilities before we commit to them in reality. Teamwork is at the heart of this process with active participation by the design team, the client and consultants. We use digital and physical models, diagrams and sketches to clearly communicate ideas and concepts.

Once the solution has been established and approved, technical design development and documentation can follow, based upon the clearly defined design parameters that can meet the timeframe, budget and planning constraints.

Fundamentally, good design is all about improving the quality of life. We aim do more with less, to reduce cost, energy usage and improve efficiency. Inbuilt design flexibility allows for future change, both during the design process and into the working life of the building.